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the plant on the knoll
no heavy armor
clothed in
only a green robe
it likes to be in the wind
like a swallow would
and stay silent
under rolling thunder
the spot overlooks
a stretch of glad green
looking up
there is always some eagle hovering
tough fibers make up its stem
resilience circulates
from rhizome to every leaf surface
nature is its unending book to read
monsoon is a strong tea
when in dream
it raises its wings
sweet talks with celestial bodies.

Selective mutism

When leaves begin to sear

I can’t hear anymore the blue

bird in the heart sing

on the lush tree

there’s only wind

crossing lonely planes

tempting dried leaves to drift

to his country

i thought loneliness only rang in dreams

now the soul snickers at this

the world sometimes looks on

silence as wont

shyness as fault

since there is this mouth

you always have to open it up

and just talk about stuff

i miss lullaby

every night with fireflies

it’s felicitous it pacifies

even if

there was no moon

i wasn’t afraid

because mini lights

were dazzling enough before my eyes

inspiration sometimes

is like flowers gradually wilting

hence the heart always looks forward

to the advent of some spring

when everything is recovering



I am not the type

that complains about life

the heart is adamant to opine

no matter they call it what kind

it is ultimately soaking in time

like wine

mellowing as it lasts

because of this

I’m prompted to feel reverent

when wind rolls up leaves that’s fallen

the rain wets those pigeons

when dreams are overhead like rainbow

standing on tiptoe

reaching for an arm to hold

so grip it this second

to that coasting comet

a wish is made

that the days ahead

creep careful like inches of jade

hanging on a clean silk thread

let’s embrace what’s left.










there is a window

the warm bright

sunshine can shine

into the house

therefore our life

has hope and light

because there is a window

we can espy

the sweet clean moon out in the sky

therefore our life

has a passion and power to rise

because of

the window

the colors and scenes outside

can be reflected into our eyes

at any time

we won’t feel sad and upset

about being isolated in our room all day

because there is a window

the heart is given a pair of wings

to fly various dreams

we can demolish the enclosure

of the boredom and depression

go out into the vibrant world of elation

soar with determination.

Looking into your eyes

my heart is

led away by the shine

escapes with love

into the night

looking into your eyes

the past gradually blurs

sunlight strides

from the density of leaves

stirs the summer of a forest

winds are thin

showers are sudden

looking into your eyes

the desire is flickering close by

life is elegant as the willow

i don’t even wish to fly

i just want to hold your hand

for ever and always

and evermore.




All these years

being self-sufficient

feeding on seclusion

clarity and silence

far away from the crowd

the entanglements

and old hard memories

limpid water and zen under

the sacred tree

raw aroma coagulated at the fingertips

every speck and bead

terse crystalline chapters

diffuse through the crisp sound of bells

amidst the morning mist

when it’s windy

Sanskrit on the strings

drifts out of tranquility

curls into the willowy

dusk gracefully

whether the grass

dark or light

the season glorious or dry

there’s no woe no joy

no disclosing the secrets of time

in the slumber of tired birds

last night’s rain swells the pond

before the temple in the mountain

residual raindrops fall from the corners

of the eaves intermittently

the door lock rusted afresh

the abbot counts the lingering tones

then disappears once more.




2 a.m


warm air

music fermenting

on four walls

two people

in a story

one wedding

the ring shimmering

in the sun

candlelight dripping

white wax

cheers sketched

in the mirror

silhouette and smile

bear witness

to the past

looking back again

2 o’clock in the morning

old cat hunching its back meowing

at 2 o’clock in the morning

the air is warm

you send out screams

that person wakes up from her dream




Hands outstretched

plunge into the sky

pluck a broken cloud

plot a rainbow

pick up some crayons

fill up voids

of fairy tales

floating in the castle

of fantasy

birds in the sun


Polaris of the night


all happiness

all diamond-like tears

all winged islets




Floating up

and down

looking up

empty sail

in the air

looking back

waves are still there

the place where

water and sky meet


flying gull

flashes by


probes the cabin


wobbles left right

and forward

always there’s

a ray of sunshine

pierces the atria

water is rough

shocking but

wait til it’s calm

it’s beautiful.

A leaf lands on the ground

breaking the silence of the world

an ant crawls over

bringing a second sound

to the world

a gust of wind plays the music

of nature

a desolate cry of bird

awakens every

deep sleep

calm is

like this

you can hear the sound of

the flowering

smell the soft whispers

of fish in water

most delicate

subtle sounds of

the natural

it goes into all ears


you, and me

and them

all of the earth.



Morning by the window

There’s always

a ray of sunshine in the morning

flies in through the window

illuminates the soul

of the room

starts a communication

with the scenery outside

those winds

that have nothing to say

those ideas

that extend in all directions

lead me to a world

with you in it

soothing birdsong

penetrates the hustle

and bustle of the city

to arrive at a moment

of tranquility

good memories 

resurface in the beauty filters

of the morning.





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